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1.13.2005 is known to many expatriates in Korea as a primary portal for communicating with other expatriates about life in Korea. You can find just about anything expatriate-oriented on the site, whether it be information on social events/clubs in and around Seoul, to job postings for English teachers, to even a guide and chat area for whatever anyone felt they wanted to express. This morning I learned that the website has been shut down indefinitely.

The third largest newspaper in Korea wrote a scathing article lambasting the website for facilitating information (including pictures) on exploiting Korean women. What specifically generated the uproar was the "Ask the Playboy" column, which is a column about how to pick-up Korean women. As a response to the article, various Korean groups will demonstrate in an area of Seoul that expatriates usually frequent.

The main reason why I mention any of this is because I really wanted to focus on the messenger of this news, my old roommate from Kids Club, Stephen. He sent me the message this morning. I am cautious to write anything more about him here on this weblog, because I know he reads it. If I am to write anything, then I should write that I am glad that he is my friend, and I regret not seeing him more often than what I do these days. Stephen lives and works in Seoul, where as I live and work in Ilsan, just north of Seoul.

Thanks for the email, Stephen!


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